Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bookish Things #2

Cute things around the interwebs that I wish were mine...

1. Romeo & Julienne Cutting Board from lfla - I imagine chopping carrots and potatoes wouldn't be such a chore when using this. 2. Bookopoly from lfla- I've never really enjoyed playing Monopoly but I would give this version a try  3. Library Card Note Pad found on Svpply - I have some of these library cards but not bound into a notepad. 4. CB In The Library Perfume found on Svpply - I really want to know what this smells like. 5. Wuthering Heights T-Shirt from lfla  - Display your love for books across your chest. 6. Kate Spade Library Books Mug found on Svpply - I've recently started collecting mugs from my travels overseas. I think this mug would look good next to my NYPL and Library of Congress mugs. 

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