Friday, 29 June 2012

Movie Review: Brave


I had been eagerly anticipating the release of Pixar's latest animated movie Brave for well...awhile now.   I love animated movies and I love animated movies with female protagonists even more. And if that female protagonist so happens to be a princess...well, I will love it to infinity and beyond.

After weeks of convincing, my younger brother (who is very anti-princesses) agreed to go watch it with me. I mean it looked pretty fantastic to me; a movie with a girl weilding a bow and arrow with crazy red hair that is set in a beautifully coloured and lush looking medieval Scotland. It was scoring so many cool points in my book. However after leaving the cinema I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed and lukewarm towards Brave. This could be a case of me expecting too much, especially since Pixar is renowned for producing such high quality films (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up etc.).

It's not that Brave isn't a good animated film, it was enjoyable, my 8 year old brother didn't complain/fidget too much and I really appreciated that although it was a technically a 'princess movie' it really wasn't a princess movie in the traditional sense i.e. this princess wasn't waiting around in an ivory tower for her prince to come swooping in and rescue her. In fact there was nary a potential love interest in sight (much to the relief of my brother). I also enjoyed the Mother-Daughter relationship, which was the crux of the story and hasn't really been explored in these kinds of movies before, or at least not to my knowledge.

There were a few laughs to be had, mostly provided by Merida's three mischievous brothers who had a penchant for stealing sweets, and it was a visually stunning movie. It just wasn't a movie that really resonated with me or left a big impression. Nontheless, I would still recommend people go and see it in the cinemas. While it may not be up to scratch with some of Pixar's previous offerings, Brave is an enjoyable film that has some genuinely heartwarming moments and a feisty female protagonist. 


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  1. Thanks for the heads' up! I'm not a big fan of animated movies because they never succeed to evoke much emotion from me, but I'm glad you liked it for the most part! :)

    Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***


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