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Bake That Book: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Kentucky Derby Pie

Baking recipes inspired by my favourite YA novels and sharing the yumminess around.

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
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Amy and Roger's Epic Detour is one of my favourite road trip books. It combines several things which I love: music, playlists, travel, scrapbooks, love stories, food, self discovery, and driving through the USA. I loved reading about all the different places they visited and the different diners/food chains, as it's so different to what it's like in Australia. When I visited the US early this year I got to try so many foods that we just don't see here; pastrami, hot "cheese" sauce, buffalo wings, waffles with chicken and gravy, sliders, mac n' cheese, and pies. In Australia when we think of a pie, we think of a savoury meat pie, with tomato sauce (aka ketchup). While these pies are OK, they can't compare to the array of delicious sweet pies that you find in the US; pies with fruit fillings, creamy mousses and puddings, nut pies, or even a cheesecake like filling as seen in one of my favs, Key Lime pie. 

Kentucky Derby Pie 
One of the stops on Amy & Roger's journey is Louisville, Kentucky. While there they stop by the Brown Hotel (a google search tells me this is a real establishment) where they lunch on, you guessed it, Derby Pie. The Derby Pie is described in the book as being a "mixture of chocolate and strawberries and pecans". The original recipe for Derby Pie is trademarked and apparently top secret however there are plenty of recipes out there and the main ingredients are known to be nuts, bourbon, and chocolate. 

This "Derby" Pie doesn't disappoint, and while nice cold, it's best warmed up so that the chocolate 
and nut concoction is all oozy and gooey. 

You can find a recipe for "Derby" Pie here

Have you baked anything lately?
What's your favourite pie? Sweet or savoury. 


  1. That pie looks delicious!!! :)

    Here from BookBlogs.ning :)

    1. Thanks :) It was pretty yummy!


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