Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bake That Book: The Fine Art of Truth or Dare Cannoli Cupcakes


Inspired by: The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen  (Read my review of it here). 
Recipe: You can find the recipe for Cannoli Cupcakes at What's Cookin' Chicago?

There were so many mouthwatering descriptions in this book, which was kinda expected given that the main character's family owned an Italian restaurant. One of the things I loved about this book was the description of Ella's family owned and run restaurant as it brought back memories of my days growing up in a kitchen where my Nonna was always standing over a big pot of sauce. In The Fine Art of Truth or Dare Ella's Nonna is renowned for making the best cannoli (yum!). Ella uses cannoli as a peace offering when things get rocky with her bestie Frankie and tempts the delectable heart throb Alex via email with the promise of some of these tasty treats. 

"It was a toss-up which was worse: that I was sitting in Anthony's Coffee Shop, renowned for its desserts, with a box full of Nonna's cannoli in my bag on the floor, or that the cannoli on the plate in front of me was not Nonna's"- Ella meeting Frankie with cannoli as a peace offering, The Fine Art of Truth or Dare

"I will be having my turkey (there will be one, but it will be somewhat lost among the pumpkin fettuccine, sausage-stuffed artichokes, garlic with green beans, and at least four lasagnas, not to mention the sweet potato cannoli and chocolate ricotta pie)" - Ella's Thanksgiving email to Alex,  The Fine Art of Truth or Dare.

These cupcakes include ricotta, orange zest and marsala in the cake, are filled with a ricotta cannoli filling, and are topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting. While not my favourite cupcakes as the cake batter was a bit lumpy and the amount of frosting given was not enough to cover all 24 cupcakes, these were still pretty tasty and cannoli-y.



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