Monday, 16 July 2012

Songs About Teenagers

Source: We Heart It

1. That Teenage Feeling - Neko Case 
I love Neko Case. I mean, my blog is named after one of her songs. I love the rich quality and power of her voice and how she infuses emotion into every word she sings. I love that I love her, even though she is a bit country, and I'm not a country person. That Teenage Feeling, like most of Neko Case's music, is a morose and somber affair. Her style has been described as everything from alt-rock americana to country noir. 
"And nothing comforts me the same as my brave friend who says, I don't care if forever never comes, cause I'm holding out for that teenager feeling."

2. Teenager - Cygnets 
I honestly don't know much about this band, except that they're a fairly new group out of Canada who have a penchant for producing catchy indie-pop tunes. They have been jokingly referred to as 'The Best British Band Not To Come Out Of Britain'. Teenager is a punky and upbeat tune that's a bit dark. 
"Your hands are cold and you don't ever sleep alone, and you're a teenager. Mascara running from your eyes and you don't mind, cause you're a teenager. It's problematic, oh don't be so dramatic, you're a teenager." 

3. Young Adult Friction - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
While not one of my all time favourite bands The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have a few gems which I have enjoyed. Young Adult Friction is one such jem, with its catchy chorus, jingle jangle sound and oh so clever title, it's easy to love this song. 
"Dark Winters wear you down. Up again to see the dawn, in your worn sweatshirt and your mothers old skirt, its enough to turn my studies down."

4. Hearts - Johnny Neon 
This song isn't explicity about teens but it's what I imagine being a teen in 2012 must be like for kids these days. Or at least, what it is like for teens who live in The O.C. 
"Skinny jeans and new shoes, girls and boys and me and you. Party all night, do whatever we want to do."

5. Thirteen - Big Star 
I remember listening to this song on the Our Little Corner of the World: Music From Gilmore Girls Soundtrack when I was around 14. I can recall after first listening to the album thinking that most of the songs on it were a bit weird and out there, but I ended up growing to love alot of those songs and artists (e.g. The Shins, Pernice Brothers, PJ Harvey). I probably owe a lot of my taste in music to The Gilmore Girls, as strange as that is.
"Won't you let me walk you home from school. Won't you let me meet you at the pool. Maybe Friday I can, get tickets for the dance, and I'll take you."

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What are your favourite songs about being a Teenager? What songs do you remember listening to incessantly as a teen?


  1. I loved that first song. Haha so cute how it was your blogs namesake. I wish I had something cool like that. Mines just random... Anyway, must check out more Neko Case. She's quite a bit different and I like it.
    Lovely post as always!
    Have yourself a nice day.

    1. You should definitely listen to some of Neko's stuff. Very different but easy to listen to. Thanks for all your kind words :)

  2. Nice selection of songs! It's great how you described your experiences before each song. Great post!


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