Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Book Review: The Jelly Bean Crisis by Jolene Stockman

Title: The Jelly Bean Crisis
Author: Jolene Stockman
Publisher: CreateSpace
Released: August 2012
Summary: A total meltdown. The whole school watching. Now Poppy’s an ex-straight-A with no Plan B. When Poppy Johnson throws away a full scholarship to Columbia, she can only blame the jelly beans. The yucky green ones? Midnight cram sessions and Saturday’s spent studying. The delicious red? The family legacy: Columbia, and a future in finance. Except now it’s starting to look like Poppy’s jelly bean theory is wrong. School has been her life until, but maybe it’s time to start living now. Poppy has thirty days to try a new life. No school, no studying. Just jumping into every possible world. Thirty days to find her passion, her path, and maybe even love. The Jelly Bean Crisis is officially on Goodreads |Amazon

*I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review* 

What do you do when you realise everything you have worked so hard for might not be what you really want? Do you do what's expected of you, what is comfortable and makes sense? Or do you try to find the spark, the thing that will truly make you happy even if it means you get a little lost along the way?

This is no easy decision to make, and for Poppy Johnson, a 'smart-nice girl' who is well on her way to being accepted at Columbia University, scholarship in hand, she decides to determine what she really wants in life by taking a gap month away from school to pursue different career options. Poppy is a warm and likable character whose drive to find what makes her happy is truly admirable. I think for most of us we just muddle way through life. But not Poppy, she is persistent and extremely committed to working out what she wants from life. In this respect I would have loved to tell her to not worry so much, and that it's OK not to have everything figured out in high school, but she works it out in the end. 

I loved Poppy's jelly bean theory and it was probably my favourite aspect of this story. It's such a cool way to look at the world; we have to do the boring or tough work now (eat the yucky green jelly beans first), so that we can get to the great things later (red jelly beans). Another thing I really enjoyed about The Jelly Bean Crisis was Poppy's family, who despite being concerned about her taking a gap month and possibly giving up her scholarship, ended up being a great support for her. I mean not many parents would be willing to let their kid take a month off school to explore their options for the future. 

The Jelly Bean Crisis is a cute, fun, read that had me questioning my own choices and wants in life. There was a smidge of romance, however The Jelly Bean Crisis is primarily a  great motivational story that really makes you think about life, success, creating your own happiness and realising that one persons green jelly bean is another persons red.



  1. I've been seeing this book around and it's totally killing me that many have read it already. I want to read it. And the jelly bean theory is going to blow my mind, I just know it.

    Great review, Sarah! :)

    1. Thank you!
      The jelly bean theory is pretty cool.
      Hope you get to read it soon!

  2. Great review, Sarah! I really loved the theory as well, it's a great way to get things done and enjoy the fun stuff!

    We're now following you :)

  3. This sounds like a cute one and I ADORE the cover. So cute!

    Glad to have found your blog :)

  4. The cover looks great and seems like an interesting novel.
    Great review, as always :)


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