Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bake That Book: The Jelly Bean Crisis Funfetti Cupcakes

Baking recipes inspired by YA novels and sharing the yumminess around.

The Jelly Bean Crisis by Jolene Stockman 
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The Jelly Bean Crisis is a thoughtful contemporary read that as the title suggests, has a little bit to do about jelly beans. Poppy Johnson, a 'smart-nice' girl on a fast track to Columbia University, lives by her Jelly Bean theory to eat the yuck colours first so that you can have the yummy colours later. This extends to her beliefs that she should work hard now, so that she will be able to be happy and successful later on in life. I was inspired by Poppy's attitude and zest for life, and her totally awesome jelly bean theory.This story left me wanting to dig in to a big bowl of jelly beans, or something equally as sweet and delicious. 

* My review of the Jelly Bean Crisis *

Funfetti & Jelly Bean Cupcakes 
One of the jobs Poppy takes on during her gap month is working at a Bakery (aka my dream job). When she talked about the giant batches of cookie dough that she was able to eat straight out of the mixer I was salivating. But for this Bake That Book I wanted to embrace the colourful nature of the jelly bean theory, so I chose to whip up Funfetti Cupcakes because they're full of little bursts of colour and surprises just like Poppy. I amost thought about putting jelly beans into the cupcakes but I wasn't sure if it would work! (if anyone has tried this or does try it let know!). This is a light fluffy vanilla cake that is great for using up any sprinkles you have floating around your pantry. 

If you want to give these a go try this recipe for Super Duper Funfetti Cupcakes. Top with your favourite frosting and sprinkle with jelly beans and hey presto! you're done. 

What have you baked lately?
Do you have a favourite cupcake flavour/combination? 



  1. Jelly Bean cupcake! (sorry I'm just going to call it that) It looks delicious! And to top that off, I've been craving cupcakes (for some reason) these pass days. You're making me hungry, Sarah and I hope you get a job at a bakery sometime in the future. :)

    1. Thanks :) I hope so too! I'm always craving cupcakes lol.

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