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Best of May 2013: Books, Beauty, Music, TV

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Happy 1st of June! We survived another month :) I've settled in to the 9-5 daily grind after (finally) securing a full time job (and it only took 6+ months of visiting daily, hazzah!). It officially feels like Winter, something else to be happy about (if you're a freak like me and love the cold, that is). My new job has meant less blogging time but fortunately more reading time (the only thing my daily commute is good for). Such a catch-22, *sigh*. Anyway, here are some of the books, tv shows, music and beauty products that I've been loving this May. 

Arrow: DC Comic book hero, the Green Arrow, brought to TV land. This is SO not my usual kind of show, even with the over-the-top number of sweaty ab scenes. I'm sticking with this for one reason and one reason only: Felicity. Or better yet Ollicity. 

Arrested Development: Ever since this show was cancelled way back in 2006 I've been hoping, dreaming, wishing and praying for a renewal, a movie, a miniseries, a short film, ANYTHING. However, when you've wanted something so bad for so long it's often hard to live up to your expectations. I'm halfway through the recently released 4th season of Arrested Development and the laugh out loud moments are few and far between. However, I remain optimistic that the best is still yet to come! 

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons: I spent most of this month agonizing over the fate of Tatiana and Alexander, the two main characters in The Bronze Horseman trilogy. This historical romance set during World Word II in Russia is such a gripping tale and with characters that will stay with me for a long time to come. *I suppose I should note that this is not YA, in fact, it's far from it. Some of the scenes in here made me positively blush lol. 

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist: A warm vanillary fragrance that I love AND isn't overly sweet smelling. I've always aspired to smell like a freshly baked cookie. 

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream: I'm fighting dry winter hands with this hand cream. It moisturizes really well and you only need to use a little bit as it goes a long way. 

Indieshuffle: is a great music discovery website/app. I use it to find my new favourite artists and re-discover old hits. Songs are added daily so there is always something new to listen to and enjoy. 

What books/tv/music/movies are you currently loving? 


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