Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pretty & Bookish #4

1. The Lovely Librarian Soap Collection was created by Barbara Georges for her bibliophile sister. The collection includes Kerouac's Ginger Carrot, Plath's Lavender Rose and Bukowski's Basil Mint. Such an awesome idea with beautiful packaging - plus it sounds like they would smell absolutely divine. 

2.  I love this illustration by Mab Graves. It's got a slightly gothic/creepy vibe going on which I really like. 

3. When I (eventually) move out of home, I'm so gonna go get me some of these hand painted porcelain bookish plates. *Sigh* 

4.  Custom designed Where the Wild Things Are Vans . Some people are so amazingly creative - I seriously have no words. 

5. Although, I've been doing more crocheting than knitting lately, I would still love a pair of these book lover's knitting needles. So gosh darn cute! 

What bookish things have you come across on the interwebs that you love? 



  1. Beautiful Images Dear..... I like Your Post.............

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